Competitive Intelligence Handbook

 The Competitive Intelligence Handbook provides an overview of how useful information is gathered and where it is to be found. This Handbook is a field guide for anyone needing to decipher the business climate.

Sample the sections below to see how useful The Competitive Intelligence Handbook can be.

Chapter One: An Overview of Competitive Intelligence

Chapter Two: The Axioms of Competitive Intelligence

Chapter Three: Public Information

Chapter Four: The International Background of CI

What others have said about The Competitive Intelligence Handbook:

"There are almost endless sources available for learning to manage competitor information. [The Competitive Intelligence Handbook]..., provides a clearer view of the process of competitive intelligence than other sources."

Information Ecology: Mastering the Information and Knowledge Environment
Thomas H. Davenport & Laurance Prusak

"This compact and reasonably priced volume is an excellent introduction and overview of the competitive intelligence (CI) field."

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